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The Driven Games
Georgia - october 2021

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What are the Driven Games?

The Driven Games is a hybrid event that focuses on 3 core race formats:  Running – Obstacles – Endurance. For 2021, the typical games schedule will deliver a 15k race on Saturday, a charity ruck march and an athlete dinner & awards ceremony Saturday evening. 



Format:  off road 5k trail run with a series of natural obstacles for the participate to negotiate as they tackle the course. At the 5k mark, the trail phase will automatically transition into the 5k obstacle phase.


Format:   a 5k obstacle course populated with a series of man made obstacles coupled with the natural terrain. At the 5k mark, the obstacle phase will automatically transition into the endurance phase.


Format:  5k format consists of push, pull, carry, ruck & run endurance events (similar to the original Green Beret Challenge). The race will end at the completion of the endurance phase. 


Driven Games Podium Structure

  • To be eligible for the overall top 3 games podium, the athlete must complete all 3 phases of the race unassisted.

  • 100% obstacle completion, unassisted. 

  • Top 3 Male/Female finishers will be crowned as the DG Winners for both Elite and Age Group competitive divisions.

  • All participants will register for either the elite or age group category.

  • Age Groups:  14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-55, Masters (55+).

  • All participants will receive a custom Driven Games finishers medal

Driven Games Charity Ruck March


Team Driven will host a 5k ruck march in support of Veterans Initiatives.  Join Team Driven for this final event of the Driven Games.

  • Individual or teams may participate.

  • 25lb. minimum ruck weight. 

  • All proceeds for this event will be presented to a Veteran Charity at the Athlete Dinner Saturday evening. 

Custom Course Developers

Are you looking to host an event or would like a custom course built? Contact Us for more information. 

2021 Upcoming events

Georgia will host the first Driven Games at Iron Mountain Resort. Race date and registration will be announced soon!