Behind Enemy Lines

The Training

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Green Beret for a day? This unique evolution is designed to allow the participants to experience a day in the life of a Green Beret built into a 24-hour experience. Regardless of which mission set you attend (Clandestine Operations, Urban Assault or Survival & Evasion), we will expose each participant to real training and real missions.

The first phase of this event is an interactive and engaging segment of the program that will cover some basic tasks Special Forces students learn during their initial training. Each participant can expect to receive training on several areas that are common and necessary to conduct a Special Forces mission.

The Mission

The second phase will require the participants to put their new skills into action. Imagine the opportunity to deploy to another country as a representative of diplomacy to assist a foreign government in restoring peace and democracy, conduct a hostage rescue mission or simply try to evade your enemies. Teams will be accompanied by real Special Forces veterans (Green Beret Challenge Cadre) as “advisors” as you embark on a journey only seen in the movies. The teams will be configured into a Special Forces Guerilla Force or commonly referred to as our “G” force. You will be given an opportunity to plan, rehearse and execute a real special operations style mission.

Due to the drastically different mission sets, the final scenario’s activities are not publicized to ensure we maintain the integrity of the event. The participants will receive all necessary information, performance standards, packing lists and the event timeline upon completing the registration process.


Will You Survive, Behind Enemy Lines?

Mission Planning
Down Pilot Recovery


This was an incredible event... everything cool about GORUCK, Constellation, and Hurricane Heats, but with stakes raised and the epic factor multiplied by ten. I got to try and learn some things I never thought I'd do - challenging and thrilling. I was glad to have experienced it with such awesome people.


The Cadre taught not only with words, but also with actions. Their experience, knowledge, and teaching ability were second to none, but we learned just as much from how they interacted with each other and poured 110% into everything they did to make sure we got the most out of the event. They created a great atmosphere to try, makes mistakes, learn, and improve.


Finally, the team made it the experience that it was. Some moments designed to test you can be tough, and like with most events like this, there are times when you wonder why you are putting yourself through yet another suffer-fest. But the encouraging words from my teammates and the inevitable laughs that come from them bring light to any dark situation. I learned from each person on the team, and I sincerely hope that I will get to participate in another BEL event with you all in the future. Thanks for the adventure! (Candidate 02)

"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long."Class 002 "Progredi, Vincit Omnia" (move forward, Conquer all) The weekend of 12/03/16 is one weekend I will never forget! I walked/hobbled away from Green Beret Challenge Behind Enemy Lines with so much more than just the experience of an endurance event. To anyone that loves endurance events, pushing their limits, hurricane heats, adventure racing, Death Race, you need to try one of Mark Ballas's 24-hour events. Mad respect to Cadre Robert B. Killian Jr. & Mark Ballas. Not enough words to express my feelings for yall....

Brief recap.... the morning started with PT (push-ups, sit-ups, 2 mile run), then the remainder of the time had 4 phases. I'm not going to go into so much detail because it won't have the same meaning to you, just know you need to experience it for yourself. I will say phase 1 broke me down. I was feeling defeated, I wanted to cry, it was raining and cold, and I was borderline ready to quit and give up for a number of reasons.


If you know me those aren't things I say often. I kept reminding myself why I was doing this and to just finish the phase and go from there. Thanks to Cadre Matt I was set straight again, warmed up, and realized I hadn't even come close to my limit. I can't say enough how proud of myself I am for accomplishing my first 24-hour event. I loved the camaraderie, I loved the overnight adventure. I even learned knot tying, shelter building, fire techniques, water purification, and a bit of medical emergency skills. More lifelong friends and teammates gained. (Candidate 17)

There were so many true statements made by Mark about how to apply these lessons learned at Green Beret Challenge - Behind Enemy Lines to life.

Yesterday I had a very important interview that could swing my career in a new direction, and the highlight of the interview was when I was asked "What have you done as of late to improve and develop yourself?"

My answer ... The most recent thing I've done was the GBC Behind Enemy Lines, a 24 hour endurance event that tests your mental and physical strength under pressure and stress. It challenges you at a total different level in which you have to perform as an individual but most importantly as a team; improving your resilience, character and overall leadership skills during stressful times, when you are about to break and when you are on a tight schedule for delivery.

I came out of it a better human being overall, but knowing I can always dig deeper and push through, making sure I prioritize the team goals over my Individual limitations, thinking outside of the box and knowing I can deliver under pressure no matter the circumstance." (Candidate 22)


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